Winter Roofing Maintenance – Preparing your commercial roof for the winter

Although we would like the dry and bright days to continue, unfortunately winter in Scotland is just around the corner.

As the darker mornings and evenings creep in and the weather changes it’s important to understand how this will impact your roof and the services we can provide during the winter months. So whether you work in a garage, office or warehouse, is you roof ready for the colder, wetter winter months ahead?

As a professional industrial roofing contractor we want to make sure you have peace of mind throughout the whole year, but especially in the winter, to make sure the most important part of your building remains steadfast and secure with whatever the winter weather has to throw at it.

We very much highly recommended having your roof inspected prior to winter settling in, and if you already have a few small issues with your roof, now would be the best time to have them checked and repaired.

As the business owner or tenant it’s your responsibility to ensure a safe working environment, and part of that responsibility is to make sure your roof is secured for the winter.

Preparing your commercial roof for the winter in Scotland

By the time the first rain fall and snow hits the ground our phone will start ringing off the hook because of leaking and damaged roofs. As mentioned in previous articles about planned preventative maintenance, these situations are completely avoidable.

So how can you make sure your roof is prepared for the winter ahead?

Here at Industrial Roofing Scotland we always advise to seek professional help, however you can perform some visual checks of your roof, although some serious problems are not always visible from the ground. Take time this winter to check for the following:

  • Signs of water ingress – On the internal walls and ceilings look out for stains and discolouring and check the flooring for wet patches.
  • Debris removal – clearing your roof of dirt and debris will ensure the proper draining of water as ice and snow begins to melt.
  • Fallen leaves – although the extreme weather conditions of Scotland are a concern, it’s also vital to keep an eye on falling leaves. Over just a short period of time leaves can block gutters, which in turn can cause a build up of water, dirt and debris.
  • Snow and ice – During the winter your roof will be subjected to continually increasing and decreasing temperatures. Ice and snow only take a few degrees increase in temp to start melting, and this is when real problems can occur. During the time of ice and snow keep an eye out for the tell tale signs of water ingress.
  • Overflowing gutters – look out for excess water leaking from the outside of your commercial property. This is a sign of blocked guttering and is easily repaired if it dealt with early. Take a note of any rusting or holes in your guttering and down pipes.

Extreme weather conditions

The weather in Scotland can be unpredictable at best and with little certainty it’s difficult to know what to expect. Throughout the winter months there may be days where there are single episodes of very extreme weather – this could be heavy or prolonged rain, snow, wind or ice (or all of these in some cases!) – it’s important to have your roof checked directly after each incident to ensure your roof remains in a safe working condition.

It’s also important to realise that not all problems may be visible to the untrained eye, and although your roof might make it through one storm, it might not make it through the next.

How winter impacts Industrial Roofing Scotland

We try our very best to provide our normal services in the winter months, but as you can imagine it’s not as straightforward. The best conditions for working on a roof are when it’s dry. However we are prepared to provide our services to our customers as and when they are required, regardless of what the weather might be. That being said, when it comes to periods of prolonged extreme weather conditions, this can make it very difficult for us to pin point specific roofing issues and leaks.

This is one of the main reasons that we are doing our part to actively encourage you to take winter roofing maintenance seriously and take action early.

Is your roof prepared for the winter?

Thankfully we aren’t fully into winter yet and we’re certain there are still a few dry autumn days left. So before the weather conditions worsen, make sure your roof is inspected, checked and prepared for Scotland’s winter conditions.

Call Industrial Roofing Scotland today on 01592 372573 to enquire about winter roofing maintenance and preparing your roof for the winter.

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