What is planned preventative maintenance and what is included?

At the start of every year you have the chance to do something better than you did last year. Perhaps this is the right time to improve your planned preventative maintenance programme?

As mentioned in previous articles, your roof is the most important part of your property. It’s what keeps your equipment, stock holdings, offices and your staff safe from the elements. The last thing that any business owner wants to deal with is an emergency and crisis situation.

I’m sure that it’ll be no surprise to read that major roofing problems usually come about from a lack of planned preventative maintenance. In these circumstances the problems will not only cost you a lot to repair, but can cause significant down time and upheaval within your organisation. Not only that, as a business owner emergencies can take up a significant amount of your time, which can be spent more valuably elsewhere.

In short, planned preventative maintenance is essential for mitigating potential roof replacements and major roofing problems.

As a proactive business owner with commercial property you may wish to delegate the responsibility of roofing maintenance to a professional industrial contractor. However, you may be wondering what planned preventative maintenance is and what is included in an annual roofing inspection.

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What is planned preventative maintenance?

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is a proactive measure that business owners can put in place to ensure that their property is well maintained and looked after on an ongoing basis.

PPM is typically scheduled at an appropriate time every year, and your industrial roofing contractor will make a visit to your property to carry out visual checks of the roof and related roofing areas.

Think of PPM as your roof’s annual MOT!

As you can imagine, the benefits of planned preventative maintenance far outweigh the cost implications of emergency repairs and replacements.

7 business benefits of PPM:

  1. Peace of mind that your roof is being looked after by a professional industrial roofing contractor
  2. Faults are spotted early before they become major issues – likely to be minor repairs instead of major
  3. Advanced notice of any upcoming major repairs – giving you and your roofing contractor the opportunity to plan
  4. You are far more in control of your business instead of ‘fire fighting’ with unwelcome surprises
  5. You have the ability to plan your finances and costs more effectively – no more financial peaks and troughs
  6. Increase in the lifespan of your roof – PPM can help you to get the expected tenure out of your roof
  7. With PPM in place your building will look better for longer

What is included in an annual roofing inspection and PPM?

Here at Industrial Roofing Scotland it’s our job to make sure your business can operate safely without any unexpected roof leaks or any major roofing crisis situations. We want to be in the position to prevent issues and spot them before they become a major problem for your business.

In short, it’s our aim to get the expected tenure out of your roof and prevent failure before it occurs.

This is how we approach PPM here at Industrial Roofing Scotland:

  1. Visual inspection – we will use specialised safety equipment to gain access to your roof to complete a full visual inspection. As an example, we will be looking for: loose fittings and fixtures, torn roofing material, poorly repaired sections of your roof from previous contractors, brittle sky lights/roof lights, large collections of water, water ingress, damp spots, moss, signs of nesting, etc.
  2. Water drainage inspection – to prevent large collections of water and ensure adequate draining we will check for moss and debris, clean out your gutters and check that your water drainage system is working effectively.
  3. Cleaning up debris – During our annual inspection we will proactively clean up the collection of debris from your roof. This may include small branches and small stones, which we will sweep away and dispose of.
  4. Photographic proof – Whilst we are up on your roof we will take photos of potential problem areas, which we can then use as part of our full report. These images will show the progress of your roof and you will be able to see clearly the areas that need more attention that others.
  5. Full written report – As your trusted industrial roofing contractor and advisor we will keep written reports of all PPM and any other repairs conducted on your roof. Not only will these reports help you to plan your maintenance, but will build up a solid picture of your roof over a longer period of time.

Your turn

  1. Do you have a planned preventative maintenance programme?
  2. How do you think your business would benefit from a scheduled annual roof inspection?
  3. If you already have PPM in place, what are the big benefits to you?

Is it time to cut out crisis and emergency situations? Call Industrial Roofing Scotland today on 01592 372573 and start your planned preventative maintenance programme today.

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