Rooflight Replacement

Industrial Roofing Scotland has a wide range of roof light replacement services.

Natural light in a building can help enhance the environment in which we work. Through time Rooflights can become discoloured and perished which have an impact on lowering the level of natural light that is coming into your building. This probably requires the extended use of artificial lighting which leads to unnecessary increased energy bills and also increasing your carbon footprint.

Industrial Rooflights are manufactured from glass reinforced polyester resin (GRP). They have been constructed with unique light diffusing additives which help scatter light into your building.  This provides effective day lighting without hot spots or excessive glare. The impact of replacing any old Rooflights with new replacement translucent Rooflights can be  startling not to mention cost effective. Under normal environmental climate conditions, the new Rooflights life expectancy should be in excess of 15 – 20 years.

Energy bills appear to be continually rising, it may be time to consider using one of the best natural source’s we have readily available to us……. free – Natural day Light.

Industrial Roofing Scotland can install Rooflights can also be retrospectively installed into your buildings roofing if you do not have existing Rooflighting,  or over an important area of your workspace that may benefit from natural daylight. GRP Rooflights come in many different shapes and forms to suit most requirements eg;

  • Factory Assembled Insulated Rooflights – with a minimal insulated value in line with current building regulations
  • Double Skin Site Assembled Rooflights
  • Chemical resistant Rooflights – which can be adapted for extremely aggressive environments
  • Rooflights for the Horticultural Industry – with sheets that transmit diffused light to reduce glare, shadows and hotspots, to provide ideal growing conditions. They are ideal for greenhouses and tunnels, garden centres, cloches and cold frames.

If you are considering replacing any of your buildings existing Rooflights a survey must be carried out to establish which rooflight is right for your specific needs.

The industry manufacturers have amassed hundreds of different profiles and shapes of Rooflights to match most replacement requirements. Using our expertise we will endeavour to match any requirements you may have.

If you have any rooflight related questions then call Industrial Roofing Scotland on 01592 372573

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