Roofing Maintenance Contracts

A leaking roof can quickly turn into a disaster for any company.  Health and safety issues, damage to machinery and other expensive equipment can quickly bring a stop to a company’s operations and productivity.  Planned Preventative Maintenance can help to prevent these from occurring.  Looking for the building’s fabric now can prolong the lifespan of your building and save you money in the long term. Industrial Roofing Scotland has the answer!

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Roofing Maintenance Contracts

When we think of our car or heating system, we have an annual service to maintain them, and thereby prevent them from breaking down when we rely on them.  It is even more important however that companies consider the very thing that protects us from the weather – our roof.  Very few insurance policies cover a poorly maintained roof, meaning your company could suffer the full cost and consequences.  We recommend you carry out annual roofing maintenance inspections on your site.  Our professional staff will conduct a detailed survey of your roof and cladding areas.  Industrial Roofing Scotland then presents you with a written report which supported by photographs, highlights any areas – if any – that may require attention.

Carrying out Planned and Preventative Maintenance can help prevent large capital costs. This helps towards allowing you to plan long-term, fitting in with your business plan and budget instead of expensive short-term hazards and costs.

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Planned and preventative roofing maintenance

Gutter Drainage and Cleaning

Due to the changing weather conditions, flash flooding, heavy rain and snow are real hazards that should be taken into consideration. By planning a regular service of your roofing and cladding area, we are able to help keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris. This helps to keep your guttering in good condition. This could also help towards preventing premature erosion of your guttering which will ensure any rainwater draining away quickly and the flow remaining clear, this good housekeeping practice should prevent damage to your building in the long term.


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