5 reasons why your roof should undergo a roof inspection

Despite the roof being one of the most important aspects of a property, we generally only consider a roof inspection when a problem arises. In fact, many people choose to avoid any repairs or roof replacement until the condition is causing the building extreme trouble. In these instances one would often have to pay costly roof replacement expenses; whereas, if the individual had maintained the roof and completed a regular roof inspection they may have avoided the fees.

In this article I discuss the 5 most common reasons why a roof should be inspected by a professional roofing contractor a minimum of twice per year.

1. Extreme weather damage

Extreme climate conditions and weather events have been known to destroy roofing material whereby one could need a roof repair or replacement. For example, roofs are damaged severely during high winds and relentless storms and rain leading to a need for roof replacement. This damage can be caused by either high wind speeds or debris from trees and/or other roofs. Storm damage is often more costly than a ‘normal’ roof repair due to the emergency need for roof maintenance. A roof inspection can help determine the cost of the repair and assist in securing suitable insurance claim amounts for your needs.

2. Ageing of the roof

If your roof does not suffer any exposure to storms or damage the average life span of your roof material can be approximately 20 to 30 years. A roof that undergoes the traditional level of weathering and aging would benefit from regular roof inspection as this can prevent any further damage and maintain a sufficient level of roof health.

3. Water leak assessment

Water leaking after heavy rain is the most common cause for a roof replacement; however it is recommended that one conduct a roof inspection regularly to identify any potential roof leaks. A water leakage can be due to various aspects including heavy rain, exposure to water or a built-up debris and rotting wood. Without conducting inspections one may not locate the difficulties in time and you could face expensive roof repair or replacement expenses to mend this type of complication.

4. Damage by vegetation

In this situation the term ‘vegetation’ refers to different types of moss, birds’ nests and various types of weeds that have grown from wind-blown seeds. These forms of foliage are often found growing along the roof gutters due to the accumulation of moisture and dirt. Furthermore, tree branches may scrape along roof tops causing breakage in roof material. By hiring roof contractors to complete a roof inspection you can identify the possibility of vegetation growing on your roof, and thus remove the item before any further damage can occur.

5. Adequate drainage

In addition to locating potential causation of damage to the roof material, roof inspections can also assist with provision of appropriate drainage on the roof. Over time, and with negative climate change, obstructions can develop on the roof structure causing a difficulty with water drainage. Some of these obstructions can include trash and debris which, through regular cleaning of the roof, can be removed to allow for efficient drainage of water and prevention of future leaks.

Roof inspections are highly recommended actions to be carried out by professional roof contractors. This article provides the reasons why roofing inspections are important to roof maintenance.

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  1. Have you experienced any extreme weather conditions recently and concerned about your roof?
  2. Is your roof ageing and you are concerned about the condition of your roof?
  3. When was the last time your roof was inspected?

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