Roof Inspection: Commonly overlooked areas when purchasing a commercial property

Once you have located a commercial property that you like and is suitable for your business it is imperative you have a thorough inspection, including a roof inspection. This is highly recommended in order to ensure that the property is in top condition with no existing damage.

Only once a roofing contractor has conducted this roof inspection (and provided you with the ‘all clear’) should you consider making an offer on the building. However, it has been noted that some contractors have missed some issues during their checks.

This article covers some of the most commonly forgotten aspects of roof inspection.

1. Water leakage

The first condition that must be examined is the presence of any water leaking on the roof. It is imperative you find a reliable roofing contractor to conduct this inspection as some contractors avoid a thorough check and will ignore moisture spots which could lead to future leaks. In fact, some roofing companies will examine the roof from a ground level with binoculars and there’s a good chance that they will miss problem areas. This can prove disastrous as damaged nails, torn covering or damaged roof and sky lights can instigate the need for a part or full roof replacement.

Efficient roofing contractors can be sought out using online research and by conducting thorough reference checks.

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2. Ventilation and insulation

It is imperative that your property is adequately ventilated and insulated, and these factors stem from effective air circulation and insulation within the roofing area. It has been noted that ineffective roofing contractors will ignore these aspects by not inspecting the underlay of a roofing surface or ensuring that the membrane is properly sealed.

If these items are not examined further roofing problems can occur, leading to mould outbreaks and the need for roof replacements.

3. Damaged roofing material and structure

Property contracts are generally drawn up so that any structural difficulties, such as electrical problems, are held liable by the property seller; however, the imperfections that are not noted in the contract are to be fixed by the buyer (in this case you). It is vital that one hire a professional roofing contractor to ensure that all materials are intact and all property structures are undamaged.

If any repairs need to be completed they must be noted to ensure no additional and unnecessary cost will be brought to the fore.

4. A second eye

Generally a roofing inspector can be trusted to keep one’s best interests at heart when completing a roof inspection; however, it is recommended that you shadow the contractor when they are completing the inspection. This is advised in order to ensure all concerns are noted, and to ensure that the contractor is not ‘taking you for a ride’. It has been seen that some companies have completed fraudulent inspections in order to prompt future roof repairs or replacements for their own gain.

In conclusion, purchasing a commercial property can be a complex and overwhelming situation for the new buyer. However, to complete a smart purchase one will hire a reliable specialist roofing contractor to inspect the structure and resolve any potential difficulties that may be present.

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