Advice on hiring a professional industrial roofing company

While it is possible to complete an industrial roofing project using a ‘do it yourself’ method, you should bear in mind that commercial and industrial roofing can be dangerous. In fact, if you choose to undertake an industrial roofing task there are specific types of equipment required to ensure that all repairs completed are achieved in a safe manner, and individuals generally don’t own the necessary industrial roofing equipment required.

Taking this consideration into account, it is advised that you look into hiring a professional commercial and industrial roofing company to complete the daunting task of roof repairs, replacements and inspections.

However, it is imperative that you take your time with locating and appointing a suitable contractor to ensure the repair is satisfactory. This article will act as a getting started guide on how to go about hiring the best industrial roofing company for your needs.

1. Read the testimonials

Professional industrial roofing companies can be located rather easily using a simple online search; however, not all the search engine results are beneficial. In order to find the most suitable option for your needs it is recommended that you seek out review sites and read the testimonials of the chosen roofing companies. These testimonials are generally written by existing and previous clients, thus providing a perception of what the company’s customer service is like.

It is also recommended that you contact friends and family about your need for a roofing contractor. The ‘word of mouth’ referral technique is often more successful than utilising an online option as these references come with personal reviews.

It is, however, advised that you complete some online research into the company recommended to ensure you are aware of their full details.

2. Background checks

As is mentioned above, it is necessary to complete some background research into the chosen industrial roofing company before contacting and hiring them. This research is important as it determines whether or not the company is a professional company, if the contractors are registered, and the number of year’s experience they have. It is also recommended that you identify any complaints that may have been raised against the company in previous years and what the complaints pertained to.

Once you have completed research and have contacted the roofing company it is recommended that you request client references. By calling previous clients personally you will have the opportunity to discuss the contractor’s customer service and standard of work. If possible, particularly if the industrial roofing project is costly, you should enquire as to whether the referee would allow a visit so that you can see the contractor’s work.

3. Discussing quotations

Once all necessary checks have been completed, it is advised that you contact a minimum of three industrial roofing companies to request project quotations. This is to ensure you receive the most satisfactory price for your industrial roofing repair project.

When meeting with the contractor always ask questions about the company, the task and their role within the project. It is important to gain as much information before hiring as possible. Click here to read our article about what to expect from a professional industrial roofing company.

Receiving quotations should determine whether or not the potential contractor has general liability insurance as you do not want to be held responsible for any insurance claims. Always identify who the workers are and what details are covered in the contract as this will protect you from any difficulty later on.

Finding an industrial roofing company to repair roofs can be overwhelming; however, following the steps listed above can ease the stress and trouble.

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