Getting started with roof replacement – How do I know when my roof needs replaced?

On a daily basis roofing problems are not something that you will have to deal with, and due to our busy life schedules, inspecting and assessing your roof is not generally part of your daily routine. The question then begs: how do you know when your roof needs some maintenance or, in the most severe cases, replacement?

This article will act as a getting started guide on how to go about inspecting your roof and reaching that significant conclusion.

1. Check your roof regularly

The most effective means of determining whether or not your roof is in need of repair is through regular inspection. It is highly recommended that an inspection of both the inside and outside of your roof be conducted at least twice per year. The best time to complete this check is at the beginning of summer and autumn, and the best place to begin the check is from the inside out.

2. Inspecting the interior of your roof

When examining the interior of a roof you will be searching for particular problems on and in the roof. Firstly, check for any evidence of leaks within the ceiling as these can cause various structural problems in addition to roofing maladies. Leaks and water damage generally leave marks on the wood, making it easy to notice. Once noticed, it must be repaired immediately to eliminate any wood rot or water damage.
Ventilation difficulties can also lead to a need for roof replacement or repair. This type of roofing problem tends to leave stains and/or rusting roofing nails; as well as different forms of mould, particularly black mould. If you locate black mould caused by ventilation problems it is highly recommended that the roof be replaced as this type of mould can cause physical health complications. It is advised that you check plumbing stacks and bathroom fans in addition to the roof to ensure they are connected properly and the ventilation is directed in the correct direction.

3. Inspecting the exterior of your roof

Just as one completes a thorough inspection of the interior it is imperative that you complete a thorough inspection of the roofing exterior as well. Any defects that may be located on the outside of the roof can lead to structural damage and may contribute to poor aesthetic value.

The investigation should begin with the roof’s tiles and their condition. Check to see if the tiles are secure and even, if they are not it may be worthwhile to have them replaced. It is also recommended that you identify the amount of debris stuck in the gutters, as well as whether or not there is any water on the roof. Trapped debris and water can lead to increased moisture and mould, which could further contribute to structural damage and a need for roof replacement. Mould grows quickly and this could occur within 48 hours if there is water damage.

If you are uncomfortable inspecting your roof, either interior or exterior, there is the option of hiring a professional roofing contractor to complete this task for you.

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