How to deal with moss on your commercial roof

The majority of roofing specialists will all agree on one thing – that moss isn’t good for your roof. You should always try to keep your commercial roof moss free and that’s where planned preventative maintenance comes into practice.

The problem with moss is that it makes your roof more vulnerable to leaks. So, although moss might look harmless it can cause damage to your commercial premises.

In this article, we will discuss what moss is, the dangers of moss on your commercial roof, how to prevent moss growth and what to do if you have moss on your commercial roof.

What is moss?

Moss can look quite idyllic on a roof, but can cause a multitude of problems.

So, what exactly is moss? Moss is a plant species that grows in moist cool areas – so your roof is the perfect breeding ground for moss growth.

There are different types of moss, but roof moss grows in damp environments – so the cold rainy weather in Scotland is perfect for it.

There are a number of things that actually promote moss growth, this includes: shade, moist environments, hard surfaces like roofs and acidic environments.

The dangers of moss on your commercial roof

Ok, so we have established that moss isn’t good news for your roof, but what are the dangers? Here at Industrial Roofing Scotland we believe in planned preventative maintenance, meaning we try to foresee any problems before they happen – think prevention rather than cure. Moss is something that can be prevented given that you regularly have your roof inspected and maintained by a professional roofing expert.

If you don’t think ahead, there are a number of issues with moss that can have a direct impact upon your roof and your business.

Let’s face it moss isn’t picky about which roof to grow on. However, if your roof has a low pitch, where the water can’t drain off too easily or you live in a wooded area you are more likely to suffer from moss growth. Moss can grow and spread very quickly given it has the right conditions. It can also spread from one roof to another quite easily, so no roof is safe.

The biggest problem with moss is the water it retains, this can rot your roofing materials cause leaks and damage to your commercial property. The retained water makes your roof wet and puts pressure on your roof. In the winter when the temperature drops, this water can turn into ice causing your roof tiles to crack.

You should also think about your gutters, you don’t want moss blocking your gutters and stopping them from doing their job – more water damage!

Overall, moss can have a negative impact on your building, resulting in water damage, rotting of roofing materials and damage to your building – all come with cost implications.

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How do you prevent moss on your commercial roof?

There are a number of things you can do to prevent moss growth. However, if you already have moss on your roof and are concerned about this, you need to speak to a roofing specialist who can give you guidance on what the best course of action is.

The best thing to do is keep your roof clean and keep an eye out for any moss appearing on your roof. Being proactive rather than reactive really does make a difference when it comes to beating the battle against moss on your roof.

Remember we mentioned shade as condition for the growth of moss? Keep your roof out of the shade by trimming trees, plants or shrubs. You can also install zinc or copper strips at the top of the roof ridges, but you are always best to seek advise from a professional roofer to ensure you take the best course of action.

Roofs can also be dangerous when wet or slippery, so take care if you do decide to inspect your roof yourself to avoid any injuries.

Is there moss already on your roof?

If you do find that you already have moss on your roof, it might be time to call in the experts and get a professional to look at your roof.

There are a number of things we do can do to help and prevent it ever happening again. One way is to remove any trees away from the roof to avoid shade and bring sunlight to your roof. However, as a professional roofer we have the right skills and equipment to help with moss on your roof.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you some insight into moss growth and the problems associated with it. If you do require any assistance, give us a call today and we will do our best to help you.

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