The benefits of commercial rooflight replacement

When we are called out for a commercial or industrial roofing issue, the problem is typically due to defective and damaged rooflights.

As we have mentioned before at length here on our blog, these issues can be easily mitigated with a planned preventative maintenance programme and through regular roof inspections.

Although the estimated tenure of a rooflight is 20-30 years, they become fragile between 15-20 years. This is mainly due to the UV light attacking the outer layer of the roof light.

The main reason rooflights don’t last as long as they should is because a regular maintenance and inspection programme is not in place.

How will you know when your rooflight needs replaced?

Rooflight Replacement - Industrial Roofing Scotland

Old Rooflight

Hopefully you have a planned preventative maintenance programme in place and you have regular roof inspections, if not, then your rooflights could potentially need replaced if they are:

  • Between 15 & 20 years old
  • Brittle and starting to crack
  • Damaged or torn and is starting to let in water
  • Discoloured and is restricting natural daylight

In some cases replacement may not be required and all that needs to be done is some maintenance and cleaning. However, it is important to assess the state of repair frequently through organised roof inspections from a commercial roofing contractor.

As the rooflight becomes fragile and unstable a strong wind can create tears in the rooflight. This can then lead to water ingress and can ultimately damage the interior of your commercial property.

The benefits of commercial rooflight replacement

Rooflight Replacement - Before & After

Rooflight – Before & After

Rooflights can sometimes be the most effective method of getting natural daylight into a commercial building or warehouse.

For a commercial property owner and tenant the main benefit of having well maintained rooflights is the access to natural daylight. This has many benefits including:

  • Energy costs savings – rooflights use natural light effectively to light a building, thus decreasing the amount of electric lighting required. This in turn reduces the electricity bill.
  • Increased performance and reduced absenteeism – natural light in the workplace has a positive impact on the workforce.
  • Rooflights are environmentally friendly – a reduction in the use of electricity reduces the carbon emissions for the organisation.

Click here to read an article from Brett Martin on the environmental benefits of rooflights.

Commercial rooflight replacement

Rooflight Replacement

Rooflight Replacement

Here at Industrial Roofing Scotland we can replace rooflights of various shapes and sizes on all different types of flat and pitched roofs. Typically a rooflight can be fitted with minimum disruption so your building can remain fully operational.

In some cases we may also be able to fit the roof light from inside the building, which can potentially reduce the costs of replacement.

In either case, regular roofing maintenance and inspections are critical if you want to extend the life of your rooflight.

Click here to find out more about our rooflight replacement services.

Your turn

  1. Do you have rooflights on the roof of your commercial property?
  2. Has is been a few years since your last roof inspection?
  3. Do you have questions about the roof of your commercial property?

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