Why commercial gutter cleaning and maintenance is important

How many times have you been dripped on or stepped into a big puddle as you’ve walked in or out of a building or workplace due to an overflowing gutter? I think we’ve all been there and it can be a really frustrating experience.

The truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way. The solution to this problem is typically very simple and involves ongoing gutter cleaning and roofing maintenance.

However, instead of being proactive and keeping these issues in check so they don’t happen, most building owners and tenants take the reactive approach. This approach has an adverse impact on your building and your customer experience.

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it…

As with most gutter and roofing problems that we come across it’s quite easy to prevent them with roof inspections and planned preventative maintenance. However, most people don’t fix things until they are broken or until there is no other option.

As mentioned in previous articles, as the building owner or tenant, you really don’t want to have to spend your time dealing with emergency situations. Also, and perhaps more importantly, it’s far more expensive to deal with roof issues reactively as major roofing issues can result in relatively expensive roofing repairs and interruptions in business operations.

Why commercial gutter cleaning and maintenance is important

Throughout the year, and especially in the winter time, your gutters become a source of concern for roofing maintenance. The wind, rain and extreme weather conditions result in leaves, branches, stones, dirt and debris being washed into your guttering, which will block and choke your gutters. The outcome of blocked guttering is:

  • Water overflow – the rain water has got to drain out to somewhere and it will typically find the quickest way. If your guttering is blocked then you can expect it to flow over the side of the gutters.
  • Damage to your building – gutter water overflow can damage the exterior of your building including the walls and surrounding foundations, creating other major building problems.
  • Loose or damaged fittings and fixtures – additional debris in the gutter, along with flowing water, adds additional weight to the guttering and can result in your fixtures and fittings loosening and coming away from your roofing.

The best course of action is regular cleaning and inspection of your guttering. However, over time as your gutters go unchecked with a lack of ongoing maintenance, instead of a simple clean and inspection you can expect more relatively expensive repairs and in extreme cases a full gutter replacement.

Winter roof inspection - industrial guttering

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression

It’s worth mentioning that it’s not just maintenance issues that you should be concerned about. An overflowing gutter can impact your business in many other different ways, for example:

  • Poor customer experience – the last thing a customer or supplier wants is to get soaked as they walk in and out of your building. You can make a better first impression and customer experience by making sure these issues never happen.
  • A lack of professionalism – overflowing guttering and puddles around your building looks unprofessional
  • Poor exterior aesthetics – a overflowing gutter will discolour and damage the wall exteriors and the surrounding area, which will make your building look tired and older than it is.
  • Poor housekeeping – leaking gutters make it look as if you don’t have your house in good order.

Fortunately you can change all of this by hiring a professional commercial roofing contractor for ongoing gutter cleaning and planned preventative maintenance.

Is it time for commercial gutter cleaning?

There’s no perfect time for gutter cleaning and inspection, especially if it’s been more than 12 months since your last inspection.

At an absolute minimum you will benefit from organising to have your gutters cleaned once per year. However, depending on the environment surrounding your building, it may be useful to clean your gutters prior to the winter months and in the spring time. This will ensure that risk of failure is completely minimised.

Here at Industrial Roofing Scotland we can organise a convenient time for one-off gutter cleaning and a recommended bespoke commercial roofing maintenance programme for your building(s).

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Your turn

  1. When was the last time your gutters were cleaned and inspected?
  2. Are there ongoing guttering problems with your commercial property?
  3. Are you fed up being dripped on when you walk into your building?

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