The benefits of a winter roof inspection

As an industrial roofing contractor we’re obviously a little biased when it comes to the importance of your roof. However, it is a fact that your roof is by far the most important part of your building. As professionals we believe it’s our job to ensure that you have peace of mind that your roof is going to keep your building’s contents safe all year round, and especially during the winter months.

Even though your roof is your building’s largest asset, it’s also the most vulnerable part of your commercial property. A commercial roof has a big responsibility and protects the tenants, workers, your stock, machinery, and your building’s interior from the outdoor elements. Whilst performing this very important job, your roof is being exposed to the harsh weather conditions 365 days a year.

Winter is arguably the harshest time for roofs, especially here in Scotland when we can experience four seasons in one day, extreme weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures.

The benefits of a winter roof inspection

Winter Roof Inspection - Leaves in Gutter

In previous articles we have discussed the importance of roof inspections and planned preventative maintenance. Preparing for the winter isn’t really any different than other times of the year, other than if there are ongoing but un-reported or recognised problems with your roof. During the winter these issues may be more difficult to spot, more difficult to repair, and more severe due to the weather.

The last thing you want as a building owner or tenant is to discover a problem in the middle of the winter that could have been prevented prior to the worst of the winter weather kicking in.

The benefits of arranging a winter roof inspection are:

  • peace of mind for building owners, tenants and occupants
  • minimising the risk of roofing problems in winter months
  • extending the life of your roof through spotting issues early (a stitch in time…)
  • saving money in both the short and long term
  • minimising downtime due to large roofing repairs or replacements

What will we do during a winter roof inspection?

Winter roof inspection
Here’s a short overview of the things we will do during a winter roof inspection:

  • Check for weathering areas on your roof
  • Assess your roof for debris removal and cleaning
  • Check roof surface for damage and areas for repair
  • Check any roof lights/skylights for damage and loose fittings
  • Check the guttering and downpipes for build up of debris and suitability for winter weather and adequate drainage
  • Check for leaks and the potential for leaks
  • Identify potential issues and advise on repair
  • Determine the need for repairs and replacements as required

It makes a great deal of commercial sense to arrange a roof inspection prior to the winter months. We hope that you will take our advice to put in place preventative measures to reduce the risk of roofing problems during the winter months.

If you would like to extend the life of your roof and minimise the potential for issues during the winter, please call Industrial Roofing Scotland today on 01592 372573.

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